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Ant Chedda - The Night (ft. C Plus & JoEL)  

Download: Ant Chedda - HomieLoverFriend  | C Plus x DJ FLOW - All On Me 

The Night - Ant Chedda feat. JoEL and C Plus

..that time of night ladies.



C Plus - ALL C.I.T.Y. [Official Video]

BIG shout out to the homie C Plus on a successful year so far. Watching this cat grow from his group State Cap to his own solo endeavors has been a remarkable journey to watch. First time I heard Plus on Ghetto Photosynthesis I knew the dude had potential to get further.. Real glad to see everything pan out well for the fam!

I had chance to work with him on a couple joints and rocked a couple shows with him and overall, Chaz is a stand up dude. Always bout his people and that’s wasup!

Everywhere he goes he reps that 916 tough.. kinda ironic how is happens to be his born date too!

Happy Birthday to homie Plus.. I appreciate you my nigg!

DOWNLOAD his album ALL C.I.T.Y